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About Us

You want the very best for your children and so do we.

Storybook is a high performance equestrian facility with heart. We deliver a premium equine experience for the horse lover in your family. We also believe that connecting with nature and animals in a heartfelt way, is beneficial for the well-being of both humans and the natural world

Set on 24-rolling acres, in beautiful Brookfield, Prince Edward Island, our forest, fields, streams and marshland offer a perfect return to nature and a nice balance in today's tech-rich culture. Our 50+ animals include horses, goats, sheep, a 500 lb pig named Fern, a pot-bellied pig, two cows, turkeys, hens, llama, donkey, mule and of course a few barn cats and dogs. Many of our animals are rescues. Once at Storybook, they live out the rest of their natural lives knowing only kindness and compassion. We do not eat or breed any of our animals. By taking part in our programs you are helping us to provide sanctuary for those in our care - the animals in return serve as 'co-facilitators' in many of our programs!

Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold: To provide a premium training facility for equestrians of all levels, from recreational to elite athlete, while also providing a space that allows people to disconnect from the hectic pace of daily life and reconnect with animals and nature in a fun, exciting and heartfelt way. We offer a peaceful and compassionate farm and the animals and nature, in turn, teach us lessons about love, kindness, leadership, resiliency, literacy, stewardship and living our best lives. 
We also strongly believe in helping animals in need. We are home to Dharma Farm, a registered non-profit that rescues unwanted, neglected, abandoned or abused animals. This charity is volunteer-run and monies raised goes directly to the rescue of animals and the delivery of youth programs. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today and LIKE Dharma Farm on Facebook to help spread the word.

Announcing Our All New Originals, Artist-Illustrated
Horse-Themed Coloring Books - In Aid of Horse Rescue!!

Dapples and Dreams has gorgeous detailed horse imagery for adults and children alike and can be purchased on Amazon or at our tack shop at the farm.
Hooray for Horses is filled with delightful horse scenes for the young and young at heart and can be purchased on Amazon or at our tack shop at the farm!

Horseback Riding Lessons

Storybook Adventures is a year-round equestrian centre (indoor and outdoor riding). Our lesson program prioritizes developing strong fundamental skills and building confidence in both horse and rider. A family friendly and team atmosphere provides the ultimate learning environment and community for all of our athletes, parents, horse owners, staff and coaches.

We specialize in hunters and jumpers but whether you are just starting out, are a recreational rider or a serious equestrian athlete, we have a program to meet your needs. Please see our 'Lessons' page for more info.

Camp programs

At Storybook we believe reconnecting young people with nature and animals is more important than ever before. Studies show contact with the natural world promotes mental, emotional, physical and social health - activities in nature are crucial in keeping kids healthy and happy!

Our popular Camp Programs ( Farm and Horse) allow children to spend their days getting to know, and caring for, our many animals; playing nature-based games that expand our awareness of the world around us and the challenges facing our environment; enjoying activities that foster kindness, compassion and community; and taking part in personal and group challenges that build self-confidence and team spirit.

See our 'Farm Animal, and Horse Camp' pages for more info!

       Leadership    *   Literacy   *    Life skills

Horses can also play a powerful role in growth, healing and skills development. They have the gift of intervening on an emotional and somatic (body) level which makes them excellent partners for helping us meet the challenges that lay before us. In 2015, we added equine-assisted programs that help young people break through the barriers that are preventing them from living their best lives. 

*Horse-Powered Happiness introduces resiliency and life skills to help young people learn how to cope during hard times, recover from prolonged stress and thrive in times of change. Facilitator-guided activities with horses, help participants build confidence, practice self awareness and emotional regulation, learn how to problem solve, form healthier relationships, and set goals for a brighter future. 
*Horse-Powered Leadership empowers partcipants to become better leaders. Facilitator-guided activities with horses help participants understand the core values of leadership as well as different leadership styles; develop problem solving skills; set goals; improve communication; work with teams and better handle difficult emotions and challenging times. 
*Horse-Powered Literacy is an exciting new field using the magic of horses. When fundamental reading skills are combined with the increased excitement, motivation, confidence and determnation that comes from work with horses, exponential growth and learning begins to happen!


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