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Horse-Powered Programs

Horses have an innate ability to pick up on human energy and emotions which means they can play a powerful role in growth, healing and skills development and help people break through the barriers that are preventing them from living their best lives.

Facilitator led work with horses - often referred to as Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) or Equine-Assisted Personal Development (EAPD) - can help participants build trust and self esteem, improve emotional regulation, resiliency and resourcefulness, build healthier relationships, set goals, work as a team and improve communication.

Horse-Powered Happiness introduces resiliency and life skills to help young people learn how to cope during hard times, recover from prolonged stress and thrive in times of change. Facilitator-guided activities with horses, help participants build confidence, practice self awareness and emotional regulation, learn how to problem solve, form healthier relationships, and set goals for a brighter future. 

“My daughter is 9 and has generalized anxiety and PTSD and struggles with social and emotional regulation. I’ve seen her self-confidence boosted week-over-week with these horse sessions. She tries new things in her everyday life that before, she would not. I have seen as much improvement in her mindset in just weeks, as I have seen with one year of therapy. I can’t recommend it enough.”

- S.K. 

Horse-Powered Leadership empowers participants to become better leaders. Facilitator-guided activities with horses help participants understand the core values of leadership as well as different leadership styles; develop problem solving skills; set goals; improve communication; work with teams and better handle difficult emotions and challenging times.

"Honestly one of the best experiences for leadership and personal development. The horses really help you to understand your own personal leadership style, become a better communicator and understand different personality types, which is so beneficial when working with others. Amazing!" 
- K.L. 


Horse-Powered Literacy is an exciting new field using the magic of horses. When fundamental reading skills are combined with the increased excitement, motivation, confidence and determination that comes from work with horses, exponential growth and learning begins to happen!

"I never thought I'd see my son excited about reading, but he can't wait to get to the farm to see what the next activity it is, or who his reading 'partner' will be. Very creative and effective way to make learning fun!" 
- C.R. 

Horse-Powered Skills for Success is a powerful, hands-on experiential program with horses that helps empower teens and young adults who are trying to break through the barriers that are preventing them from living their best life. Facilitator-guided activities with horses, introduce participants to a variety of life skills that help them to make healthy, informed choices that can contribute to a brighter future.
This program can be tailored to your timelines and your desired outcomes! So, whether you are looking for weekly individual sessions or a one-time group workshop – or anything in between, we can meet your needs. Some examples might be:

  1. Leadership: activities help participants understand the core values of leadership as well as different leadership styles, develop problem solving skills, set goals, improve communication, work with teams and better handle difficult emotions and challenging times.
  2. ADHD: activities help participants: become more present, self aware and confident; improve patience and communication skills; develop tools to help with focus, organization and prioritization; and to discover/celebrate their unique strengths/super powers.
  3. Resiliency: activities that help young people learn to cope during hard times, recover from prolonged stress and thrive in times of change, with topics such as: confidence, mindfulness, vulnerability and connection, emotional regulation, problem solving, goal setting.
  4. Recovery: activities may focus on communication, healthy relationships, vulnerability and connection, boundaries, coping with stress and difficult emotions, challenging negative self talk, happiness triggers, mindfulness, goal setting.
  5. Employment: activities may focus on communication, reliability, motivation, teamwork, leadership, emotional regulation, problem solving and time management.

Riding High Program

The tactile and rhythmic nature of horse riding has therapeutic effects on the brain. It helps release endorphins, improving mood and self-esteem, and lowers cortisol levels, reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety and promoting relaxation.

In addition, the challenge that comes with learning to ride and work with horses, builds confidence, empathy, patience, respect, trust, emotional regulation, communication, perseverence, resilience and a sense of pride and accomplishment. Add in the physical benefits of increased muscle tone and strength, improved posture, core strength and coordination, along with time in nature, and work with horses offers an effective recipe for improved health and well-being. 

Our Riding High Program features one-on-one private sessions, that include horse riding lessons and activities, as well as unmounted exercises, tailored to desired outcomes. 


Fee varies depending on the number of participants and length of each session. 
Please reach out through our Contact Page or by emailing,, to discuss! 

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