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Horse Leasing

Storybook Stables has a limited number of horses available for lease (minimum 6 month term). Leasing provides a rider with access to the same horse for each lesson/ride without the commitment of ownership. A full lease includes exclusive use of the horse for lessons and practice rides. A half-lease includes exclusive use of the horse for lessons and ONE practice ride a week and the horse may still be used up to five rides/week in the riding school.

NOTE: A lease (or ownership) is required for riders who wish to show OFF property. A full lease is required for those that wish to show at Gold rated competitions as well as all shows OFF Island. Leases must be in place no less than 8 weeks before the first show to be attended. This ensures riders have access to 'their' horse to prepare in advance of any competition.

LEASE FEES  (effective Oct 1, 2023)

Lease Fee:
A horse's lease fee is determined by their skill level/sale value. A 'show' horse will have an annual lease fee that ranges from $1200 - $2400 per year, divided monthly over the term of the lease (minn. six months). Board/lessons and farrier fees (trims) are also billed monthly. 


HALF LEASE monthly fees (board and lessons): 

  • * HALF BOARD ($375) + 2 group lessons (reg. $400 - discounted to $275) + 1 practice ride/week (incl) + $25 farrier = $675 +HST = $776.25  PLUS annual fee (ranging from $100 - $200/month based on year-long lease).

  • * HALF BOARD ($375) 1 group + 1 30 min. PRIVATE (reg. $480 - discounted to $360) + 1 practice ride/wk (incl) + $25 Farrier = $760 +HST = $874 PLUS annual fee (ranging from $100 - $200/mo. based on year-long lease). 

  • FULL LEASE monthly fees (board and lessons): 

    *FULL BOARD ($750) + 2  group lessons (reg. $400, discounted to $275) + exclusive use of horse/free rides: $1025 + $50 farrier = $1075 +HST = $1236.25  
    PLUS annual 'horse' fee.

  • *FULL BOARD ($750) + 4 group/4 private lessons  (reg.  $480 - discounted to $360) + exclusive use of horse/free rides + $50 Farrier = $1160 +HST = $1334
    PLUS annual 'horse' fee . 

Custom Lesson packages available.


is responsible for: Routine costs including flu/rhino/tetanus vaccines, deworming, and dental (if required)

HALF LEASOR is responsible for: Half hoof trimming costs ($25/mo pro-rated); Grooming kit including show sheen, liniment and hoof oil, Bathing Kit, Tack Cleaning Kit, Stable wraps and Cottons, tack (own bridle, bit, stirrup leathers/stirrups, saddle pads [2-3 recommended], girth - saddles may be borrowed provided they are maintained (cleaned/oiled) by leasor. Leasor is reponsible for damage/loss of use if issue occurs while in their care. IF SHOWING/attending clinics: braiding kit; halter and lead line, Storybook saddle pads and summer sheet, water/feed buckets (if showing off site), any fees/vaccines/tests/maintenance/supplements/farrier work that is required related to showing (ie shoes, Coggins tests, memberships etc).

FULL Leasing (akin to owning your own horse)
is responsible for: Hoof trimming costs ($40/mo. pro-rated) Grooming kit including show sheen, liniment and hoof oil; Bathing Kit; Tack Cleaning it; First Aid Kit; Braiding Kit (if showing), Stable wraps; Feed/water tubs (for travel), lead line/halter (for travel); any fees/vaccines/tests/maintenance/farrier work that is required related to showing (ie shoes, Coggins tests, memberships etc); show tack/equipment (leasors must have own bridle, bit, stirrup leathers/stirrups, saddle pads [1 show, 2 for home], wool coolers, girth. We would ask leasors to aquire their own saddle (we are happy to assist) - on occasion a particular horse may have a saddle associated with it that can be leased monthly ($30 + HST), provided the saddle is maintained (cleaned/oiled) by leasors. Leasor is reponsible for damage/loss of use if issue occurs while in their care. Summer sheets/scrims will be required for those showing. Rain sheets/winter rugs are the Leasors responsibility should they wish for the horse to be clipped (subject to approval).

NOTE: Show riders require a black 'Storybook Saddle' pad, a white fitted saddle pad (if showing hunters), summer sheet (with logo), polo shirt (with logo). Scrim sheet, other team clothing optional.

Personal Information

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Description of Horse(s)

Please enter below the name and description of the horse(s) you are interested in. We will contact you with payment options once we have them calculated.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Leasee agrees to assume costs of care of the horse, including a board/lesson package at Storybook Stables and farrier care.
  2. Fee is paid by Leasee in advance by 11 am on the first day of each month. Late Fee: $5 per day
  3. Vaccinations and Deworming: Tetanus and influenza are required annually. Regular de-worming is also required. These will be the responsibility of the leasee on a FULL lease.
  4. Farrier: Leasee will be responsible for the costs of farrier care for the duration of the lease. This will include routine trims approx. every 6 – 10 weeks (and shoes if required).
  5. Hold Harmless: Leasee agrees to hold Leasor harmless from any claim resulting from damage or injury caused by said horse, Leasee or his guests and invitees, to anyone, including but not limited to legal fees and/or expenses incurred by Leasee in defense of such claims.
  6. Emergency Care: Storybook Adventures is responsible for costs of emergency vet costs and will make contact with vet when required. Should an injury or illness prevent the leased horse from being ridden, another horse will be temporarily assigned. If the leased horse remains unsound more than 10 days, this Lease may be terminated at the end of the coinciding month. The Leasee would assume no further costs of care or the horse may be substituted for another suitable mount.
  7. Lease Guidelines
    • Under the terms of this lease, no one is permitted to ride the leased horse without prior knowledge or consent from owner.
    • Under the terms of this lease, the horse is not permitted to be removed from the property without prior knowledge or consent from owner.
  8. Stable Rules: Leasee agrees he/she and his/her guests and invitees will be bound and abide by stable rules (as posted at the barn), and accepts responsibility for the conduct of his guests and invitees according to these Rules.
  9. Lease Duration: Please be advised that a six month minimum term is required to participate in shows and off site activities.
  10. Notice of Termination: Leasee agrees that thirty (30) days notice or the equivalent in payment, shall be given to Leasor as to the termination of this agreement.
  11. I understand there is no reduction in annual lease fee for leasing a shorter period of time.
    In choosing to participate in activities located at the Storybook Adventures, I recognize that there is an element of risk, and hereby release Storybook Adventures, its owners, employees, shareholders, agents and family members from any liability arising from injury to myself and/or my child or my property while on the premises.
    This agreement is subject to the laws of The Province of Prince Edward Island. Executed at Brookfield, PEI on the date set forth above.
Yes I agree with the above terms and conditions. I recognize my acceptance as equivalent to my digital signature.