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Horseback Riding Programs

Welcome to the wonderful world of horseback riding - a unique sport which combines exercise, the outdoors and a love of horses. 

Our Riding Lesson Program places a strong emphasis on developing an independent seat, soft, steady hands and a solid lower leg. By focusing on the building blocks of good equitation, our riders establish a strong foundation from which grow. We also believe great riding comes from understanding the horse - the mechanics of movement as well as knowledge of horse behavior -- which in turn creates compassionate, well rounded riders and harmonious partnerships. 

Our inviting facility features a brand new (2023) 60' x 140' indoor arena with state of the art fibre footing, an upstairs viewing area and classroom, as well as a large (120' x 220') outdoor sand ring with a full hunter and jumper course, starter level cross country course and walking trails. Other ammenities include a bathroom, kitchen/lunch room and tack shop on site!

Our coaches and staff are knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. Our 20 school horses are the pride of our farm as they provide the solid foundation required to allow our beginner riders to safely tackle their first skills, and the talent and athleticism needed to take our High Performance riders into the show ring.

Our year-round program includes two 'streams:' Learn to Ride (LTR) and High Performance Program (HPP) and are based on the Long Term Equestrian Development Guidelines offered by Equestrian Canada. 


Learn to Ride (LTR) Program

Our Riding School Program emphasizes a strong foundation to ensure the best pathway for skill development, confidence and progress! Safety, fun and a sense of personal accomplishment are key elements of our system.  Lessons run all year round in eight week sessions. We feature a large, bright indoor arena with state of the art fibre footing and viewing area (for year-round riding), a 120' x 220' outdoor sand ring, grass ring/cross country field and walking trails. New riders will begin in our INTRO TO HORSES program, with our assistant coach Nadine, as she guides them through the beginning fundamentals of riding, as well as how to lead, groom and tack up their horse/pony safely and properly. 

Riders will continue in the Intro to Horses program until they are comfortable leading, grooming/saddling and basic walk-trot manoeuvres and  ready to 'graduate' to private (30 or 60 min) or group lessons with our head coach Colleen. Price list below! 

High Performance Program (HPP)

For riders who aspire to take their knowledge and training to higher levels, we offer our High Performance Program (HPP). Riders take part in a minimum of two lessons per week, and have access to additonal learning opportunities on subjects that range from ground work, horsemanship and stable management to mental performance, goal setting, healthy living and personal excellence.  

For riders who aspire to compete, Storybook Stables also attends an average of 6 -10 horse shows per year - from local training shows to Regional Gold and National 'A' competitions. Opportunities are available for our HPP riders to lease (or board) a horse/pony and to participate in training clinics, show preparation seminars and other workshops as they continue on their path towards excellence. 

Equine-Assisted (unmounted) Programs

Horses can play a powerful role in growth, healing and skills development. They have the gift of intervening on an emotional and somatic (body) level which makes them excellent partners for helping us meet the challenges that lay before us. Our Equine-assisted programs help people take charge of their lives and their health in order to become their most authentic & inspired selves. We can tailor programs to suit an individual or group based on your desired outcome. Popular themes range from: Team Building; Leadership; Self esteem to Wellness.

RIDING SCHOOL PROGRAM (8 week sessions)

PAY IN FULL AND by DUE DATE to SAVE $46 per 8 week session! 
Payment is due no later than the Friday before an 8-week session starts ($20 + HST late fee applies after this date)
Payment can be made by e-transfer cheque, cash, or credit card
NOTE credit card payments accepted through www.paypal.me/storybook please add 3% processing fee. 
NOTE: Receipts go out once PAYMENT is received. Please maintain receipts for your tax records. 

ONE LESSON PER WEEK (eight Lessons per 8-week session)

INTRO TO HORSES (NEW RIDERS and/or those needing assistance grooming/tacking up). Note riders age 6 and under start in private lessons,  riders age 7 may start in semi private or private lessons, & riders age 8+ may choose private, semi private or group [subject to availability]
*INTRO TO HORSES - GROUP lesson (up to 5 riders per lesson - 90 mins) - $480 + HST = $552 (in two payments $276) 
PAY in full and SAVE $46!   $440 + HST = $506
*INTRO TO HORSES - SEMI PRIVATE (2 riders per lesson - 60 mins) - $580 + HST = $667 (in two payments of $333.50)  
PAY in full and SAVE $46:  $540 + HST = $621
*INTRO TO HORSES - PRIVATE (1 rider per lesson - 60 mins) - $680 + HST = $782 (in  two payments of $391) 
PAY in full and SAVE $46:  $640 + HST = $736
With the help of your coach,  you will begin the journey toward mastering the basics. Lessons will include approx. 30 mins in the barn learning to lead, groom, clean hooves, tack up, and adjust stirrups and then you will head to the arena where riders will learn how to mount/dismount, establish a correct riding position and to effectively apply the aids to ask your horse to walk, trot, turn, and stop.  * NOTE: Each individual will progress at their own pace. Riders who require assistance with grooming and tacking up after their first 8 lessons, may continue in the Intro to Horses program until they are ready to 'graduate' to getting their own horses ready for a private or group lesson.  

*GROUP LESSONS (60 mins - up to 5 riders): $400 + HST = $460  (in two payments of $230) 
PAY in full and SAVE $46: $360 + HST = $414
60 min. ride time. (Riders arrive 30 minutes before ride time and allows up to 30 minutes after their lessons to prepare/put away horse properly)
*SEMI PRIVATE LESSONS (30 mins -  2 riders):  $500 + HST = $575 (in two payments of $287.50) 
PAY in full and SAVE $46: $460 + HST = $529 
30 min. ride time (please arrive 30 min. before & allow 30 min. after lesson to prepare/put away horse properly [unassisted]). 
*PRIVATE LESSONS (30 mins - 1 rider): $600 + HST = $690 (in  two payments of $345) 
PAY in full and SAVE $46: $560 + HST = $644 
30-min. ride time (please arrive 30 min. before and allow 30 min. after lesson to prepare/put away horse properly [unassisted]). 
TWO LESSONS/WEEK (16 lessons per session)
Two group lessons: $720 + HST = $828 (in 2 payments of $414) PAY in full and SAVE $46: $680 + HST = $782
One group + one 30 min. semi private lesson each week: $820 + HST = $943 (in 2 payments $471.50) PAY in full and SAVE $46: $780 + HST = $897
One group lesson + one 30 min. private lesson each week: $920 + HST = $1058 (in 2 payments $529) PAY in full and SAVE $46: $880 + HST = $1012
Two 30 min semi-private lessons: $920 + HST = $1058 (in 2 payments $529) PAY in full and SAVE $46: $880 + HST = $1012
Two 30 min private lessons: $1120 + HST = $1288 (in two payments of $644) PAY in full and SAVE $46: $1080 + HST = $1242
FOR ADDITIONAL LESSONS (three or more/week) Please inquire

SINGLE LESSONS (note: we do not offer single lessons on a regular basis but, may on occassion, when scheduling allows)
Group Lesson: $50 + HST = $57.50 (with 30 mins assistance grooming and tacking up $60 + HST = $69)
30 min SEMI private lesson: $65 + HST = $74.75 (with 30 mins assistance grooming and tacking up $80 + HST = $92)

30 min private lessons: $80 + HST = $92 (with 30 mins assistance grooming and tacking up $100 + HST = $115)


Payment is due at the FRIDAY BEFORE the start of each session ($20 + HST late fee applies after due date) . We accept cash, cheque and e-transfer. Payments can be made in full, or split into two with half up front along with a post-dated cheque dated for no later than 4 weeks. Post-dated cheques MUST BE RECEIVED AT OR BEFORE REGISTRATION (first day of lessons). There is a $30 service fee for NSF cheques.

Please direct INTERAC email transfers to storybookstables1@hotmail.com. Fees are non-refundable. A lesson credit will be given when accompanied by a medical certificate. We also take credit card payments but note: there is a 3 percent admin fee added to the lesson fee - Credit Card can be done online at www.paypal.me/storybook .

Lessons are progressive in nature, with the building and practicing of new skills from week to week. As such we strongly encourage regular attendance. Of course we recognize that occasionally absences are unavoidable. For this reason we allow ONE make up lesson per 8-week session for emergency or illness PROVIDED we receive at least 24-hours notice.  We will provide up to TWO alternative opportunities for a make up time, if not taken, the make up lesson will be forfeited. 


Brand new riders - While equipment and attire designed specifically for riding is recommended for both the comfort and safety of riders, beginners in their first 8 lessons, may start out with any properly fitting boots so long as they have a slight heel (approx 1/4 inch), long comfortable pants and LONG socks. We have ASTM-approved riding helmets on hand, at no extra charge, for the first 8 lessons (for students who do not have their own). All students should be neatly attired, no chewing gum or excessive jewelry, with hair tied away from their face (a low pony tail or braid for those with long hair, hair nets and/or hair bands for short/layers).

After the first 8 lessons, riders will begin performing more complicated skills and at higher speeds. For maximum comfort and safety, we ask students to have their own ASTM approved Helmet and proper riding boots - either field/dress boots or paddock boots with half chaps (we have a tack shop on site with new and gently used items!). 

Intermediate/Advanced riders are asked to wear appropriate riding attire including breeches or tights (with a belt), paddock boots with half-chaps or field boots, their own ASTM-approved helmets with hair tucked neatly inside. Gloves are strongly recommended (required for showing). All students should be neatly attired (no loose or baggy clothing or 'pajama' pants), no chewing gum or excessive jewelry, with hair tied away from their face.  

During cold weather, layering (long underwear/under armor) is essential. Gloves (as opposed to mittens) and warm boots are also required. For beginners, winter boots (not too wide) with a slight heel will do the job. For more advanced riders, winter riding boots are STRONGLY encouraged. We have winter riding boots, breeches, gloves, helmet covers, hot pockets and more available in the tack shop. 

  • Please wear proper footwear in and around the barns - NO sandals, high heels, or open-toed shoes.


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